About Hanifin’s

Hanifin’s Arts and Antiques is the largest and most elegant antique shop in Northern Nevada. The shop displays more than 9000 square feet of antiques and artwork from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

The proprietors of Hanifin’s Antiques travel to Europe regularly to buy antiques for the shop. They buy in Belgium, France, Germany, Egypt, England and Holland primarily. The owners handpick each item of art and antiques in their attempt to find the best values for furnishing homes in North Nevada and California.

American oak furniture is also featured. There is a large selection of farm art including old wagons, sleighs, blacksmith equipment and mining tools.

Additionally, the proprietors attend auctions and buy from the local public to stock the store.

The shop features fine furniture in pine, oak, mahogany and walnut. There are some very large pieces and accessories. Fine paintings from Europe and America are displayed on the walls of the shop. Hanifin’s Arts also sells local artwork in the form of sculptures and paintings.